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Daydreaming - Visualisation is the magic we all need to make dreams come to life!

I don't think we realise the power of visualisation and how you can manifest things in your life to happen. It all sounds pretty unbelievable and a bit new age but in fact it isn't at all.

Thousand of years ago Yogi's believed in the power of visualisation and used meditation as a vehicle to achieve goals and supported the great Raja's (kings of india) to do just this.

Today we have hypnosis and mindfulness to attempt similar methods and outcomes, so we know that a great business booms on such techniques and methods; but these are all tools derived from its original source Yoga and meditation. In fact if you can invest in Yoga Nidra, a one long hour meditation and relaxation session guided by a yoga teacher - this is simply the best experience of visualisation ever! All you have to do is lay on your mat and relax and you get to make a wish deep into the core of you subconscious, something that is meant to manifest in your lifetime, so well worth a go.

If you can't spare an hour, did you know that if you spent 5 minutes a day focusing on a goal, visualising it vividly and seeing yourself having already achieved it, you can manifest this in your life, according to the great masters of yoga.

Successful people talk about this all the time, Yogis show us how to, so why don't YOU give this a try today. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Take your awareness to behind your closed eyes and start focusing on that objective, paint this picture as boldly as you can. It's really as simple as

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