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Strike a pose, there's nothing to it

There is nothing quite like Yoga in the world. It is unique, understated, and a powerful self help tool that makes you feel amazing. Just by attempting a yogic posture or breathing, your physiology changes and you feel stronger and more confident. Your mind mirrors this and is happier and much more fulfilled. I think yoga is the best coping strategy there is out there to manage everyday life. My surprise to date is that most people are still not aware of the benefits of yoga and are missing out, big time. Although I have taken these pictures on holiday to maximise the great outdoors, postures can be done anywhere (within reason)! So go ahead, try a few and remember you don't have to be an athlete to enjoy yoga. Simply moving your hands and your body in particular poses makes a real difference to your thoughts and your overall health. Anyone can do yoga, regardless to their physical fitness, so don't use that as your excuse!

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