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Sitting on the banks of the Himalayas

As I sit on the banks of the river Ganges, my mind stops fluctuating and I find myself having arrived here somehow. I am in this present moment, with the Himalayas watching over me as I watch over the most famous spiritual river in the world as it flows quite quickly past me. I contemplate how I have found myself at this point in time, and if I have learnt anything wise at all in my life up to this timeline to share with others.

I look in the distance and marvel at how I am sharing this moment with the great gods and legends before me who are immortalised forever and so beautifully and vividly in the Vedas. A place that attracts millions of people around the world in the hope that their prayers are answered and that the souls of their departed loved ones find peace.

I feel I have so much more to learn in my life, that in some ways I have learnt nothing. It therefore feels more fitting when addressing the question of 'what have I learnt in my life?', that I recall my younger self, at an age of around 7 years of age. What could I offer in terms of a little advise or some pearls of wisdom to this young girl.

Okay, I have found 7 points to focus on, Kam:

1. Don't worry so much. Everything happens for a reason so trust the universe and the road map set for you. Be bold, be a lioness and don't be afraid. The personal sat nav for you is set with a good destination. Along the way, you will have many fun adventures too.

2. Stand up for yourself more. Being a nice person is a good thing, but know when to say, you disagree, or that you prefer to do something different or just plain NO! Being an individual is a beautiful thing. The greatest thinkers and those that have created beautiful contributions in this world are original artists.

3. Enjoy your study and know that everything you learn in your life will be shared with others. Nothing will go to waste. Keep absorbing data and follow the things you love - your passion will never dry out.

4. Fix your teeth. A beautiful smile is priceless and much cheaper to do than when you are an adult. But seriously, this process will manage your ego and confidence in a big way, so its far more of a spiritual alignment than just bone structure. Go for it!

5. Write about more things and feel confident about it. There is much in the world to share and we all need a little knowledge from time to time. Write those children's stories!

6. You will discover yoga later in life and in doing so, you will find all the answers in the universe in one place. You will also meet some of the greatest people on the planet, so don't waste time in company that doesn't feel good.

7. You are born to a wonderful family and will share wonderful times, laughter and unconditional love always. Never doubt your parents for they are your true guides and actually give you the best practical advice.

To all of you out advice is to spend a few moments writing to your younger self. The experience leaves you refreshed, wiser and much more clearer about things. Then just simply move on.

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