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Tomorrow will be a good day. Happy New Year!

There is no doubt that 2020 has been a nightmare for all of us, and on such a universal global perspective, but here we are.

Reflecting on this year and what we have learnt is very important, as we must take our experiences and our coping strategies in such extreme circumstances as an important next chapter of our lives, and use this wisdom to elevate our consciousness into 2021.

For me, I have experienced much sadness in the loss of loved ones, gone before their time on this earth. Then I have had the joy of witnessing the union of marriage where gatherings became no longer possible, and the news of birth in the beautiful babies that have been born this year, and so the cycle continues, and time waxes on regardless. I have been in the company of a wonderful virtual yoga community, that I feel proud to have been part of, in a year where mental and physical health is crucial for survival. I have been humbled by their friendships, love and support. Such extremes of life, all packed into the year 2020, feels somewhat overwhelming, and that's of course all against the backdrop of Covid-19 and Brexit! Yet I am at peace.

One thing we can be sure about is that the world is no longer the same, and it is like nature and the universe has commanded our attention and our consciousness without exception. To this note, I have loved my walks and enjoyed watching nature so vividly as if for the first time, which has been a blessing. So how can we ensure we take on board the lessons from this year, and to ensure we make a positive difference to our lives tomorrow?

So for me, my lessons are shaped into a few statements, and at the heart of my learning is being fully consciousness of what has happened and is happening. Being in the moment of an experience, intensifying this experience so it is fully magnified has happened so much more in 2020. Lockdown is heightened consciousness, at every level, being mindful of what you are doing, how you feel, and being at the centre of all that is around you. This is an awakening and the lesson of 2020, that we must take into 2021, when our freedom of movement returns.

Some of the lessons I have learnt this year to take me into 2021:

1. Reading and meditation are gifts and a lifeline to happiness. Everyone should have a mantra, and this must be a priority. The mantra must be repeated everyday and jealously guarded with your time, love and action. Creating vibrations of healing within your body every day is integral to your well being. Each year I get older, I realise how powerful a mantra is. In every religious textbook it is highlighted as key, psychology explains the importance of the four layers of consciousness and its impact on our wellbeing and how we can tap into this and plan for the future and, physics and astronomy, explains the causal relationship between us, matter, energy and the universe. Speak to an adept yogi, and get a mantra for 2021, do not be starved of one, and get into a good soulful book and read it all. It will do you wanders.

2. Being at home and enjoying the simple things in life are rewarding and beautiful. I have never spent so much time at home in my life! Yet I work hard to have a home to rest and recharge in. So many people do not have shelter, a warm home, a place of safety and love, so it is not a given. Appreciate what you have; it truly is enough.

3. What you consume you become. I think we all realise in lockdown that maybe we ate or drank too much. Stop it now. A simple diet, and good hydration is all you need. Save rich food and alcohol for special occasions only. Otherwise this will come to haunt you later on in your life. Treat your body and organs like a well kept plant or it will slowly suffer.

4. In your life people will come and go. When the time comes to say goodbye it is always painful, whether it was your choice or not that this happens. Friend or enemy in your mind, let them go as as equals, as you would do a treasured loved one, and do so with a good heart. As a drop of water submerges in the ocean and becomes one, so does a life experience. Keep your thoughts positive and do not blemish your soul. The cycle of life is expected to keep moving as should you.

5. Learn to know and enjoy your own company. It is important that you take time for your selfcare. In fact, I would insist on it, or how else will you get to know who you are and stop to be more conscious of the moment and life in general. A walk, reading, exercising, calling a loved one, and moments in meditation are all good examples of this.

6. Be charitable and kind to others and make this an inbuilt value in your life. It feeds the soul and keeps communities and people connected. It is the basis of being human, so remember a little gesture of kindness goes a long way. Loved ones, friends, neighbours, colleagues all come under this engagement. We are not here forever, so enjoy good company and make it a priority in 2021. Cherish those you love, but be honest too, in a constructive way, where people might need a gentle nudge in the right direction.

7. And lastly, you are good enough. As long as you work hard, are honest and have the best of intentions, then all is good. You will not please or impress everyone in life, so don't expect the impossible from others. We have to learn resilience, courage, energy and strength. I wouldn't have any of these without a daily dose of Yoga, and I know I will need all of these in abundance in 2021.

So with my reflections on this year, I am able to look forward with optimism and confidence for 2021, although I know there are many challenges yet to come. With this in mind, coupled with the spirit of the nation this year, I leave you with the words of wisdom from Captain Sir Tom Moore, who has shown how we can overcome dark times with a simple but highly effective mantra that is inclusive and fitting for us all, "Tomorrow will be a good day!"

Happy New Year all!

In light and love,


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