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Watch your habits before they start watching over you!

This blog was written by Manish Gupta, after reflecting on today's yoga session.

"I was thinking about similar themes, which came up in the session today morning! I am surprised if Kam is a Psychic or she can read the mind, miraculously she touched on all the themes which I was reflecting on in the last couple of weeks. The favourite topics of mine for transformation and transcendence.

She touched on HABITS, more profound was the subtle introduction of SHIVA, the lord of destruction, symbolised to represent fundamental change or rebirth in the universe or our own inner universe. Once Guru Nanak Dev Ji said, “Jo Pinde So Bharmande”, meaning, the life processes in the universe and body and fundamentally alike, it is just a matter of scale. So, Shiva power is needed for a fundamental shift in your perceptions and habits. Kam came up later with the beautiful verses from Bhagavad Gita, with the description of “Yogi”; Lord Shiva and Lord Krishna are considered as “Adiyogi” and “Yogiraj”, respectively, meaning; The Yogi before the time and The Master of Yoga, who have achieved it to the highest level possible.

SO, if you want to change, you need the energy of the higher self, Shiva, which is inside you, all present and all-powerful, with the verses of Bhagavad Gita, she touched on the fundamental concept of balance and harmony and most importantly connecting to your true self, your Soul, once you are in touch with that, the higher self, your bad habits will automatically melt away in the harmony in your mind, body, intellect and will reform your identity back to its true setting.

Kam’s teachings today are life-changing, if taken seriously, can help transform and transcend you in life. Imagine, the moment you change (in the present), your past and future changes in that very moment. In this miraculous moment, you are changed forever. So, powerful is this fundamental shift, because depending on your level of consciousness and your choices, you can be enslaved by your habits or liberated by them.

To take it further, the science of change and strategies (as mentioned by Kam), through introspection and consciousness of bad habits, or an enhancement of the good ones; there are fundamentally three methods:

DoshaPanayan - Correcting yourself, cleansing yourself, like removing weeds from the Garden

Gunadhan - It is introducing new good habits or polishing and enhancing the good ones you already have, the “Gunas” in your life, like planting new plants in your garden or nourishing the good ones, to make the garden look beautiful and lush.

HinaangPoorti - It is like you lack something which is needed, like good soil for your garden, you go replace was is needed to nourish the roots and to drawn in the light".

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