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Sleep Deprivation

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

This evening there was a program on BBC 1 "Goodnight Britain' highlighting the rising number of people who suffer sleep deprivation. The numbers in the UK are on the up and this includes all age groups and for a variety of reasons. Statistics on depression and mental health are rising, so is stress and anxiety, and it all affects every aspect of our lives. Don't be surprised to hear sleep deprivation effects your mood, energy and brain functionality. Now more than ever people need some help. Something as simple as lying in bed with your hands on your stomach breathing deeply in and out, or just placing your hand in prayer position at the centre of the heart can release so much tension and can make a huge difference to your sleep patterns. Don't ever compromise your health! The simple truth is that people don't make quality time for themselves and that will get the better of you in the end!

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