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A nation obsessed with wise inspirations

We all seem to be addicted to quotes of some kind or another these days. Whether this is through something we have subscribed to or whether through social media, we seem to come across them like clouds drifting in and out of our daily communications - there they are!

The truth is that we all need an 'Inspirational Jeeves' in our lives. Someone who wakes us up in the morning with a glorious cup of tea and an inspirational thought to keep us positive, upbeat, and a determination to make the day a purposeful one. Okay it might not be realistic to have a real personal butler on hand and available! The modern day equivalent though is a teacher, a guru, a best friend or a life coach. Someone who keeps us on the straight and narrow and can give us good advice on a daily basis. A sentence that is easy to remember for the entire day, but is loaded with layers of common sense, has thought provoking wisdom, is enlightening, keeps our energy lifted and is infectious. Something that makes a real difference to ourselves and those we interact with. If more of us found inspiration in words that then turned into good energy which then turned into positive relationships and harmony, what a better world we could help create. This sounds rather great and grand in scale but don't underestimate the 'Jeeves effect' - a personal wellbeing butler that should be amongst our most valuable possessions. So make sure you have an inspirational tool to support you or someone inspirational around you, and don't settle for any less. Now go find your inspirational Jeeves and know you may already have one but just didn't realise it.


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