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Living in a Covid-19 World

I would have never imagined that we could live in a world of such rapid change from working from home, schools and colleges closed for months, limited and only necessary shopping trips; a world of social distancing and video conferencing at the heart of all communications Neither could we have imagined in our life time that a virus would exist that mirrors biblical proportions similar to a plague affecting us all in some way; and yet here we find ourselves!

Workers that did not have the gravitas of respect that they deserved like NHS workers, drivers, teachers, shop assistants, bin collectors and such have the greatest respect and value from the public, and are keeping our country functioning and us alive and existing.

We seem to be respecting the value of life more. Families and friends have become paramount considerations, and we all realise how vulnerable we are in actual fact. We may be facing various levels of fear, worry and anxiety as the economy and our place in it hangs unpredictable and uncertain.

It is at times like this that understanding our own vulnerability and the things that are actually valuable to us become uppermost in our consciousness. We need Yoga more than ever. A system of practises that helps us manage anxiety, to breathe more fully and exercising the lung capacity to its fullest, boosting our immune system and managing our physical, mental and emotional system fully.

My advice in all of this? Take each day as it comes and support others as well as managing your own health more responsibly. Be kind. Read more. Join an online yoga class. Learn Meditation. Value your life more and know we are not here forever. Let go of what doesn't matter. Cook mindfully and respect food. Observe high levels of hygiene. Respect nature. Make a difference to others, starting with your neighbours and the most vulnerable.

'I AM THAT' or 'Tat Tvam Asi' comes to mind - I exist but I am of nature and connected to all human beings and function as one. I am here temporarily on this planet but what I and others do will impact on me and my family and my whole existence. I think we are in the epicentre of this philosophy. Respect what is happening and play your part however small or great in observing the rules and doing the right thing. This is a test for all of us, so let's be proud of how we conduct ourselves and take a moment to respect all those that have lost their lives and their families in this global epidemic. Stay safe, stay well and stay positive, but know things will change from now on.

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